Tyre Sealant to Puncture Proof your Tyres


Discover Why Tyre Armour’s Tyre Sealant Is A Must.

Puncture proof you tyres with tyre sealant by Tyre Armour Tyre Armour Standard¬†tyre sealant prevents punctures up to 15mm in bicycles, cars, motorbikes, 4×4’s and vans.

Tyre Armour Plus prevents punctures up to 30mm in heavy plant machinery, tractors, and all off-road vehicles.

When a puncture occurs, the air inside the tyre tries to escape, forcing the sealant into the wound, where fibres and fillers interlock to form a flexible and permanent plug, preventing further air loss. Find out how the tyre sealant it works.

Tyre Armour is certified to the highest global levels by Cesvimap, the Mapfre Centre for Road Traffic Safety and Research.

Tyre Armour tyre sealant is available in Ireland. Find your local installer here.

Tyre Armour for Cars prevents punctures in all road going vehicles such as cars 4x4s, vans, trucks and buses

Tyre Armour for Motorbikes prevents blow-outs and punctures. Every biker knows that safe tyres are vital. Tyre Armour will give you peace of mind on the road.

Tyre Armour Plus is specially designed for puncture prevention in all types of heavy vehicles that spend time off-road. This sealant will protect tyres from large object punctures so you can keep on truckin'.