Tyre Sealant to Puncture Proof your Tyres


Prevent Blowouts and Punctures on the Road

As every biker knows, safe tyres are the difference between life and death. That’s not said lightly. Getting a puncturemotorbike or a blow-out while driving at speed on a bike can be fatal. Protecting your tyres with Tyre Armour gives you the
peace of mind you need while enjoying the open road.

Tyre Armour  is a preventative tyre sealant installed via the inflation valve and remains in a viscous liquid state within the tyre.

Its sealing properties are due to millions of synthetic fibres and particles suspended in an aqueous solution.

As the tyre rotates, centrifugal forces distribute the sealant into an even  film around the inside of the tyre.

When a puncture occurs the air inside the tyre tries to escape, forcing the sealant into the wound, where fibres and fillers interlock to form a flexible and permanent plug, preventing further air loss.

Installation Video