Tyre Sealant to Puncture Proof your Tyres

Tyre Armour Standard

Install Tyre Armour and never have a puncture again!

For Cars

Nobody knows better than you that your family’s safety is the most important thing in the world. Getting a puncture on any journey is a lot of hassle for you when you are driving solo. When you have small children in the car it can be Your family is safe with Tyre Armourvery inconvenient. And the most inconvenient situation of them all is getting a puncture on a long journey, on the motorway, in the dark, and it’s raining!

Motorway punctures can be very dangerous.  Changing a tyre at the side of a motorway can be hazardous.

It is preferable not to get a puncture in the first place. Installing Tyre Armour in your tyres will guarantee you that you won’t get a puncture up to 15mm. And did you know that 95% of all punctures are smaller than 15mm?

For Motorbikes

Prevent Blowouts and Punctures on the Roadtyre sealant for motorbikes

As every biker knows, safe tyres are the difference between life and death. That’s not said lightly. Getting a puncture or a blow-out while driving at speed on a bike can be fatal. Protecting your tyres with Tyre Armour gives you the
peace of mind you need while enjoying the open road.

Tyre Armour stops slow leaks, micro punctures and loss of pressure.

For Light Vansvans

Whether you own a fleet of vans or are a single van owner, you know the value of hassle free driving. Time is

money, isn’t that the reality? If your deliveries are delayed because of a puncture, the knock-on effects are very bad for business.  Vehicle down-time means unhappy customers and increased costs.

Driver safety is also a real concern. Fleet managers are responsible for their drivers’ safety and eliminating the risk of punctures goes a long way towards meeting that obligation.

Protect your work vehicle against punctures!

For Large Vans, Trucks & Buses

A tried and tested investment, Tyre Armour protects your business from the costly down time that punctures create.

  • Reduces fuel consumption by maintaining
  • Correct tyre pressure
  • Extends the useful life of your tyres by up to 25%
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Works in vehicles of any speed and load
  • Easy installation thanks to specially designed pumptrucks-busses